This Guy Has A Message For Those Who Think ‘Egging’ On Birthdays Is Cool

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Egging on birthdays, the trend is hugely popular among the teenagers of Pakistan. The practice is strictly followed by our country’s youngsters, mostly boys. Can you even imagine your friend’s birthday without eggs? I bet you can’t.

How exactly is it done?

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So basically, firing eggs is the modern way to wish your close friends on their birthdays. Other eatables such as tomatoes, flour etc are also used along with the eggs. A few Facebook posts have laid further emphasis on the trend.

Why is it done?

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To be honest, it is just followed because they have probably seen it going around on the internet or maybe they just heard about it from a friend or two. It looks cool, at- least they know what’s new and they’re updated and also they may get a lot of likes on the mess they created. And yes, most importantly, for some cool Snapchat stories I must say. Truth is, many teenagers follow trends without even knowing what the point is and what it may cost. Why do things that do no good to you or anyone else around you? This is something to be understood and absorbed.

We all know that our country Pakistan belongs to the third world. More than half of our population lives in poverty. One simply should realize that thousands of families across Pakistan aren’t even able to eat twice a day. Their children are starving and do not get to eat eggs for months. Poor people search for food in trash dumps. And here are “educated” youngsters on whom our future relies upon are throwing-away eggs and other eatables like trash.

Eatables are a blessing of Allah Almighty. Wasting food is strictly prohibited in many religions. The Holy Quran states that “And do not waste, for God does not love the wasteful” [6:141]

My advice to the youngsters,

Please stop wasting eggs and other eatables just to keep up with these trends which simply make no sense. There are thousands of other alternate ways to have fun on birthdays. Snow sprays and party poppers were invented for a reason. I hope my words prove to be an eye opener for you all.

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