This Guy Has A “Masoomana” Farmaish For Chief Justice Of Pakistan And Tauba Hai!!

Pakistan has some weird but zabardast culture that you can’t find anywhere in the world. Out of all those this one thing that’s innate in every Pakistani is “‘Jugaar” and that’s something every foreigner would notice in Pakistanis. Jugaar- well, we all know is also termed as “makeshift” and we Pakistanis are just brilliant in it! Apart from this, we have some choty moty shoq. Like chai; if you are a Karachiite then you must know that how chai businesses are crazily at the boom.

Apart from this, there is another century-old habit that some people just can’t let go! Like cigarette is something that people have a habit of having so, Chaalia in Pakistan!

Chaalia is an addiction and people who are addicted to it can’t function without having it!

So this guy made a video to request something very innocent to the Chief Justice of Pakistan. He recorded the video saying that he must reduce the price of Chaalia since it is the only thing that a common enjoys having.

The chaalia addict has colllection of every comapny’s chaalia; he said that Cheif Justice should reduce the price from Rs.5 to Rs.3

This guy named “KhadimChadRizvi” posted this video on Reddit! Well. seems like the request is pretty serious and an important matter of concern. The nation should consider his request and reduce the price.

The best part about the video is that the guy requesting for the price reduction is not just asking for it aimlessly, he has done his research about the overall prices. Bhae kyun? Overall prices jab kam hain toh esy chaalia mehngi kyun?

The nation wants to know!

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