This Guy Allegedly Associated with A Political Party Was Seen Jerking Off in His Car and It Is Sickening

Note: the video in this article has been censored due to the nature of the event which takes place.

The news of men jerking off in public is getting normal day by day and even saying or reading this disgusts a normal person. Yes, normal – because men who are doing these things in public are definitely not in the mental capacity to be called normal.

Found all over the social media was the image of a guy who stopped the car of two girls and jerked off in front of them on a road in Karachi. We have also heard and seen the videos of rikshaw wale who start touching themselves outside university gates. We have also seen a guy riding a bike, touching his private parts while looking directly into the eyes of college going students.

Shockingly, This Behavior Is Getting Common

While the uneducated continue to do it, here comes another incident of a guy jerking off in public. According to those who shared the video, the guy belongs to a renowned Pakistani political party. He was seen touching himself in the video while scrolling through his phone.

Here’s The Video:


Regardless of how it has been censored, it is quite visible what the man here is doing. He even acknowledges that he is being recorded by showing the middle finger (an abuse) to the person who is recording him.

As a representative, as a citizen, it is disgusting to see what men are doing on the roads of our country. This isn’t the first time someone was caught in the action, that too, in public.

Hope this person gets caught for the disgusting things he is doing in public spaces!


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