This Guy Edited Coke Studio YouTube Subtitles And The Result Is Hilarious

A Pakistani tweep brought Coke Studio to a whole new level when he tweeted some screenshots of Coke Studio’s songs videos with his edited subtitles showing what exactly is happening in the scene. The results were absolutely hilarious and will leave you laughing out loud. The best ones are mentioned below. Follow the guy to see the whole thread that is going to make your sad day happy.

1. Oh well QB.

Well it did actually seem like several people yelling.

2. Rahat.

Yes NFAK mocking voices.

3. We are sorry Mehwish Hayat.

Did she actually sound like that?

4. Honest subtitles.

Anyone would agree with this one.

5. Abida Jee to the rescue.

Aameen. Sum’aameen.

6. Okay yes seriously, what was this song?

Crying in Arabic. Yelling in Punjabi. Breathing in Urdu.

7. Absolutely.

Very sad, very emo. Almost crying.

8. Babar Khanna.

Yes when Babar Khanna gets tired of playing the dholak and the tablas, he thinks about the real issues.

9. Yes Ali Noor.

10. Mexican drug cartel member.

11. Rachel Buffay.

Smelly cat smelly cat it’s not your fault!

12. Ouch.

These YouTube subtitles need to stop being so honest.

13. Too much Bollywood, Rahat.

14. OMG.

No Momina don’t eat that mic no!


Yes this is Dumbledore after coloring his hair.

16. Shani Arshad.

The guy’s face tells what is he here for. Just his face tells you the whole story.

17. Shuja Haider

Ever heard a potato growl?

18. That’s all folks.

Coke Studio and this thread ended on a high note.

The post is all in good humor and means no offence to any of the artists mentioned.

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