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This Guy Eats Biryani With Mayo And Ketchup And Shook The Entire Internet

Biryani has to be one of the most royal and prestigious dishes around the world, especially for Pakistanis. The dish is not only largely consumed in the sub-continent but also adored by citizens of other parts of the world. This recent Chinese lady created a nationwide impact, let’s not forget.

Source: YouTube

I mean, just look at this delicious piece of art dressed on a plate!

Source: NDTV Food

Pakistanis, on the other hand, love debating on whether there should be aalo in the biryani or not. Specifically, this debate revolves around Karachi walay and Lahore walay…

While our debate continues to be one of the major causes of arguments between Lahoris and Karachiites, there is one very, very serious issue which requires our attention. It is the race against humanity. It is the evils of all the evils…

Meet Ali San – The Guy Who Eats Biryani With Ketchup and Mayo…

Ali uploaded this picture on his Twitter and it shook the internet! Here’s what violence on a plate (if there was any) looks like:

Can’t really tell if he was joking or serious, but everyone, literally everyone couldn’t believe their eyes…


There Is Someone Else Out There Too Who Eats Biryani The Way Ali Does And We Can’t Even…

People From Different Countries Disowned This Act And Condemned Against It

And Then People Started To Try His Way As Well…


We Love Biryani And We Are Offended By This



No wonder why the entire internet was surprised! This unusual combination is something many aren’t aware of. It is even worse than pineapples on pizza if you ask me…

Seems like Ali was totally serious when he posted this combination. Let’s just hope this insanity doesn’t spread…


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