This Girl Shares A Spine-Chilling Story Of Her Haunted House In Gulistan-e-Johar And It Is SCARY!

There a number of people (myself included) who don’t really believe in haunting, possessed stories of Jinn. Or probably parts of us are just too afraid to admit scary stories that happen in this world due to a supernatural being which is hard to get control of. This story of a house in Gulistan-e-Johar will actually make you believe that there is something extremely supernatural which exists in the world.

Narrated Anonymously, Here’s What Happened to A Family Living in a Haunted House in Gulistan-e-Johar

This was when in was in grade 9. We shifted to gulistan e johar, eastern pride. I would not mention the floor due to understood reasons. When we shifted, while unpacking and putting stuff on places, we opened n almari where we found some old taweez and a Mannequin’s face. My sisters decorated the mannequin and kept it the room. We were not settled properly yet.

I was sleeping with my sisters in the same room, tired and in deep sleep, I woke up hearing someone screaming like hell. I turned and my sister was trying to hide her face from the mannequin. I also got scared to death because at that moment I couldn’t really figure out how to stop this. I ran and switched on the bathroom light and hugged my sister. She was shivering and crying. I didn’t ask her what happened because I was also very scared and I knew if she wud tell me my heart wud stop beating. 
Next morning I asked her on the breakfast she said we have to throw this mannequin out because that was moving last night. We told mum and she agreed we threw it. 
After that thing gotten really serious. 

We have never experienced what we experienced in that house. My dad’s lost his posting after five-six months until we shifted to the new house he didn’t get his posting back.
The most dangerous thing happened in that house was my mum got possessed. Can you imagine how the house would turn out when ur mother is not your mother anymore. 
We were kids and my sisters were too little to see all this happening in the house.
Ek sal hunay wala tha once our neighbor asked us out of the blue that how u guys been completing a year as no one ever lived for so long in this apartment. The tenants before you left the house in a week.
My aunt came from Punjab she was slapped while she was asleep. She is super religious and she told mum that this house is haunted you should leave this house when she entered our house.

When my mum got possessed the whole house would feel like a quiet dead place. My mum even then never left a single whenever whenevr she would feel fine ahe would pray. We didnt go to any maulvi or did any taweez but my mum cured herself with quran and namaz.
The kitchen, lounge and the corner room of that house was 101% under some invisible power. No matter how many lights we switch on our house wud still lool dark and unpleasant.

Things gradually stopped happening but nothing got fine but just stopped.
We stayed there for 7 years. But again when we planned to get shifted there were so many hinderances that i can only write some. Clashes started in Karachi due to which no truck or Suzuki was readyto shift everything from onw chorangi to another. It happend the next morning we had to be shifted.
My dad had a very serious accident but he got saved Alhamdullilah but he car was damaged from every part that my dad led the kabaria to take it. It became a sandwich and miracle was my dad was saved Allah ka hazaro shukar hai.
I feel seriously ill , i had loose motions and vomitings that even water couldnt stay in my body and i couldnt walk.
The cartons we packed and tapped tightly were opened and smashed the next morning like some jangli janwar has ripped the cartons. All the clothes, dishes other stuff were laying on the floor.

This all started happening when we started packing. We figured out that these powers won’t now let us leave the house. 
My dad and mum then decided no matter what cost us but we will leave this house.
The whole truck got slipped because the driver fell asleep. Just cant engulf this how can a person fall asleep in a 5 minutes ride. A lot almost everything was damaged and we has a huge loss because a lot of precious items were damages, broken and missing.
Allah helped us leave that house. But it costed us alot.

The family came after us were known to us. Their father got his leg broken, the girl who git married yesteryear got divorced and their mother was bed ridden so they immediately left the house.
That house is still empty. Tenants come to live but they leave the house after sometime.

This has been one of the scariest haunted stories I have heard. Share with us the one that made you sleepless for nights!

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