This Girl’s Father Passed Away Because No One Would Treat Him On Eid

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Sidra Aslam, a blogger from Islamabad, lost her father to an accident he met on the second day of Eid. But was the accident fatal or was it the ignorance and the carelessness of the hospital authorities that Sidra had to lose her father? Dejected and disappointed, Sidra shared her story on twitter and left everyone in shock.

The sad reality

The accident happened on 2nd day of Eid

How it happened

Taken to CMH Jehlum


A patient is critical and they won’t be calling any doctor unless some army personnel shows up. The doctors are not available. But they’ll only come if someone from army calls.

CMH Kharian


Well, probably because you refused to treat the patient in Jehlum.

The sad reality

They won’t get treated because they are civilians? Are the lives of civilians not as important as someone from the army?

PIMS Islamabad

After CMH Jehlum and CMH Kharian the person in critical condition was taken to PIMS Islamabad.

When asked to check

Okay, what?

They come all they way from Jehlum through Kharian to Islamabad hoping to finally get someone to check the patient and this is what they get in reply?

When finally diagnosed with the real problem.

There was no empty room to operate on him.

Again the higher ranks or army

And we talk about our government being corrupt when this is what happens among us.

You have weak faith

No don’t blame the doctors, it’s your faith. His time had come, nothing could save him alright?


This is one of the many tragic incidents people face on an everyday basis because they don’t have enough contacts to get their loved ones treated properly or on time. This is not about one Sidra Aslam but about everyone who has every faced discrimination when someone close to them is fighting for their life. Sidra cannot get her father back but she can enlighten us with the reality in the hope that justice is served and no one gets to face what she did.

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