This Girl Has An Incredibly “Khatarnaak” Message For Nawaz Sharif and His Supporters

Since almost everyone by now must have heard what actually happened to Nawaz Sharif and Maryam Nawaz, it was BIG! If not then we just saved you. After the Avenfeild resource case was lurking around, yesterday, the case got its final verdict and the court announced that Nawaz Sharif got 10 years of imprisonment and Maryam got 7 while her husband was sentenced only 1 year of imprisonment.

Yeah, you heard it right. These are the cries of PMLN supporters


This is not just it. The father-daughter duo also got a very hefty penalty. £8 million pounds and £2 million pounds for Nawaz and Maryam respectively.

After this, all the supporters of PMLN took their corners to cry and many others including the supporters of PTI emerged from the ashes and started trolling the Sharif family and PMLN supporters. Well, well, well. Not every day is the same. They should remember this. Since it is a very critical time in Pakistan, the elections are near and everyone is tensed people and politicians are just too skeptical this time on to who will win. Like seriously, who will?

So, this girl on Twitter expressed her hate for Nawaz Sharif and why she hates him and his supporters!

After she triggered this debate, she started stating how his previous work is nothing but a game that is glittered from the outside

She emphasized how people do not see that he improved the infrastructure but only HIS AREA

Every tenure of PMLN has passed with such a gamble but it’s only this time that people are acknowledging the work done and not

Only great work on roads and bridges never makes a PM better than any other! There are tons of other serious things to work upon

Yeah, the villages are getting worse, the cities are deteriorating in terms on the economy, employment and crime

Yes, the truth is out!

Here, we just have a little amount of hope left on how our judicial system is still breathing. Though it’s in a coma,the breath itself is just fine. Hoping to have some sane government this time around. Fingers crossed.

What do you think guys?

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