This Girl Had A Poop Themed Birthday Party And It Wasn’t Weird AT ALL

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We have been observing some really weirdly unique birthday and wedding themes lately. Take the recent Triple H themed wedding entrance by a Pakistani groom that went viral like a wildfire.

But, this “poop themed birthday party” has broken all the records of weirdness although it was pretty much cool.

When a three-year-old girl from Missouri, USA was asked by her parents about the theme she wanted for her birthday party, she replied with “poop”. The girl’s mother says that we tried to suggest her other themes but Audrey, the birthday girl, didn’t back off and left her parents no choice other than to start planning a “poop themed party”.

As it turns out, the party wasn’t that bad at all. The guests including elder ones especially grandparents totally loved it.

Audrey’s mom said she loves that when they will look back at pictures, it will represent her daughter’s funny childhood.

Have a look at this “Pin the poop” game!

Weird shapes and color but who cares when the items are tempting…

The familia!

So, are you already planning on to throw a surprise poop-themed party for a friend of yours?

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