This Girl Gives The Best Response to Every University’s Love for Daaku Day! Go Mad!

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It seems that the educational institutions in Pakistan have nothing better to do than to celebrate stupid, pointless days that promote nothing but negativity. Previously, we used to see meaningful and productive events happening at our universities, but now it seems that idiocy has taken its toll over even the most prestigious institutions of Pakistan.

What is up with business students and Daaku day, these days?

Daku Day is one of the days that is catching the trend. Rumor has it that LUMS started the trend, IBA celebrates it too and so does IoBM.


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I mean why? What’s the point in dressing up like ‘Daakus’ (thieves) and hiding each others’ belongings.

Crazy, idiots, you can dress up like aliens or Disney characters, but no, out of all the things, Daaku… and then we complain about rising crime rate and terrorism.

It is ironic to even imagine that university students can even relate to these things. Why do they even want to associate themselves to something so worthless and idiotic?!


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Look at their audacity, they have fake guns and everything and promote the damn thing!

Why can’t they dress up like Lion King or The Princess and the Frog? Or even Avengers? Why? Because they find it humiliating and they don’t find Daaku Day humiliating? What a shame! In which direction are we headed to? Is this the sort of example we want to set for our future generation?

Instead of focusing on the real issues, we are busy celebrating such stupid events!


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Look at the attitude of our youth today…

We have become immune to the real issues…  Oh a bomb blast, change our DPs to black, party hard the same night.

Oh someone died… Let’s burn some candles and forget about it the next day…


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Wake up people! Stop following the foolish trends! If you think using the ‘R’ word (rape) word for humiliating anyone is wrong, so is celebrating Daaku day or any other thing for that matter that promotes negativity!

Say No To Stupidity! Stay Sane! Promote Peace and Harmony! Think Big! Be Progressive!


Yours faithfully,

A Concerned Citizen


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