This Girl Gave The Most Unique Birthday Surprise To Her Husband

Birthday gifts are certainly one of the most special ways to tell a person you admire, that you truly admire them. The more thought has been put into a present, the highly indicative it is of how closely one knows a person; what they like and especially, what they don’t.

If it’s a guy you’re selecting a gift for, chances are the way to his heart is through his stomach (highly scientific theory!)

This lady in Karachi combined the two rules of the perfect gift-giving for her husband’s gift and gave him the birthday surprise of his life. A BIRTHDAY CAKE!

That’s not too unique, is it? Wait! There’s more! The birthday cake was made entirely of Pizza!

YES! A PIZZA CAKE *Celebration ensues*


On a Facebook food group dedicated entirely for pseudo food critics of Karachi, Sanober Mansab explains her quest to find the ultimate gift for her husband:

To my dismay, some refused, some gave other options and some just didn’t bother to reply.”

That isn’t where she ends it, she further explains how amazing it felt to eat their first pizza-cake.

There were 5 layers of pizza covered with cream cheese! The taste was heavenly! Yum yum yum! My family loved it! And I’m super duper impressed with all the effort and willingness of pizza one team to make a special customised pizza cake for my husbands birthday!

Would you eat a Pizza-Cake?

Have you ever had a Pizza Cake or would you ever like to try one? Do you think it’s a good idea?

Let us know why!

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