This Girl Exposes The “Unprofessional-ism”of “Professional” Pakistani Photographers

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With the booming trend of making your ‘Big Day,’ a real big is quite challenging keeping in sight the streamlining of the event from the list of invitees to selection of menu, getting an appointment with a makeup artist to handling things with the Decore team, from constantly visiting and arguments with the tailor for that dream dress to design a budget-friendly jewelry, wedding day hasn’t remained a simple affair.

To add to this list is a booming trend of “professional” photographers, who make all their efforts to empty your pockets and making you feel your event substantial and different from all others with the necessary pomp and show. Unfortunately, that is where you are being ditched beyond expectations.

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We recently had an experience of hiring the professional photographer for sibling’s wedding. We had a round of discussion way before the event and something startling at that moment was booking an appointment and that too with half the payment. Not something unusual as we know that for booking reservation this is mandatory, however, the very attitude of that girl was surprising. Anyhow, we agreed to pay her the desired amount and we were contented with the idea of booking a professional photographer.

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The real game started when it was the wedding day, she came late as a result missed out on covering the Barat entry which was very annoying. The accompanying team appeared with the drone camera but just for a few moments, to our surprise they were found devouring food and didn’t there for their said job. In short, the coverage of the event was pathetic which we realized after receiving the video.

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The tale didn’t end here as the designated time was of two months which then exceeded to four months and the lady stopped taking our calls. When finally we found her, she ended up making excuses eventually we got the album after visiting for so many times and standing outside her house and bearing the negligent attitude and delaying tactics.

For the collection of video everytime, we were being allocated a new date but of no use. She then sends a video in USB through TCS Hazir and to the sheer dismay we had to pay the guy for something that she was supposed to. My request is to kindly beware of such unprofessional photographers who are only out in the market for making money.

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