This Girl Explains How Unsafe Traveling Is In Pakistan For Girls Even With Taxi-booking Services

Disclaimer: That girl is me. This incident happened to me.

Since I came to Pakistan, I’ve used all kinds of transportation means – may it be qinqi, rikshaw or even the local bus service – if there’s anything I haven’t used to commute around Lahore, that has to be a donkey cart.

I was the happiest when taxi services were introduced in Pakistan. However, with the passage of time and with more experiences, I have noticed how taxi services like Uber still lack a proper system of evaluation and screening.

Here’s one of the recent events I faced:

We Were At the Emporium Mall, Johar Town

We Were Confused Due To The Numbering Of The Gates And I Kept Telling Him To Use His GPS To Track Us

He Took Us On A Route We Didn’t Know About

My sisters got furious and questioned his driving skills. If he wasn’t aware of the route, why would he go on it anyway?

What bugged him the most was how he thought he is not our “mulazim” – which I agree, he wasn’t, but as a driver offering services, wasn’t it his duty to know where he is going?

3 Women and 2 Babies (1 Year Old Each)

And then we question our morals.

Normally, a responsible man would respect that it is late at night and there are women who need to be dropped off. Or let’s just skip the women part – respect the fact that there are two babies.

Regardless of whatever the situation was, we did tell him to leave all this mess aside and let’s continue the ride. But I guess ego really is bigger than your own morals.

I am not promoting any hate speech against the company – I love Uber and I love how young students like myself can earn a decent amount of cash while doing part-time driving.

However, my concern is how they allow absolutely anyone to be a driver, without having a proper screening process and without checking if the person has what it takes to offer such service. This not only gives a bad experience to the rider, but also ruins the reputation of the company itself.

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