This Girl Explains How BBA Students Are Treated In Pakistan

This Girl Explains How BBA Students Are Treated In Pakistan and It’s Hilariously True!

Bachelors in Business Administration – a degree that is regarded as one of the most professional degrees in the foreign universities and countries, but considered as “faltuu”, waste of money and pointless degree in our desi societies. 21st century and our desi parents still cannot understand the importance of a business graduate in industrial, private and commercial sectors.

While only MBBS and engineering are ranked as the “only” worthy professional degrees in our society, people fail to realize how educational and important a Business Administration degree is. Just like M.COM, journalism and Arts degrees are discarded, BBA falls under the same category.

Today I found this amazing post on Facebook that very categorically highlights how BBA major students are treated by the society:

”Pakistanis on a BBA:

– BBA kar rahi ho? Inter main marks nahi aye honge.
– BBA to koi bhi karleta hai.
– BBA ka koi scope nahi.
– Han jin se science nahi ho paata, aj kal toh un k paas BBA ka option hota hai.
– Chalo acha hai halki phulki degree karli koi, mera beta science main fail hogaya tha to mene usko bhi BCom hi karadia. (Dafuq?)
– Marks toh bari asaani se ajaate honge? (The irony of this. Ican’teven.)
– Meri suno, abhi bhi vakt hai, medicine karlo. (Because clearly, I majored in finance so I could adhere to a societal mould.)
– Ye business shusiness larkyon ka kaam nahi hota. Medicine k marks nahi aye toh pharmacy hi karleteen.
– Meri bahu toh doctor hai. (Yeah, she makes great use of her degree, cooking rotis and all, because you don’t let her practice medicine).
– BBA karna fazool kharchi hai, business chalaane k liye in courses shourses ki zaroorat nahi hoti. Mere to apne paas itne business ideas hain, bus time nahi milta, varna aj main apna business chala raha hota.

Also Pakistanis:

– Application likhdo.
– Hamaare bete ki CV bana do.
– Hamaare bete ko IBA k test k liye parhado, bus do chaar din toh lagenge.
– Main apne business ko online market karna chah raha tha, digital marketing techniques sikhado. (Aray uncle, don’t worry or ask me, in cheezo ko parhne ki koi zaroorat nahi)
– Falan currency k baare main kya khayal hai, dollars/ pounds khareedlun? (Mujhse kyun poochrahe hain, ye sub to koi bhi karleta hai?)
– Falan stock khareedlun, paise toh nahi gar jayenge?
– Hamaari baji ki cousin ki beti ka assignment kardo.
– Beta, ye referencing kya hoti hai, mera beta fail horaha hai, usko sikhado.
– Interview tips dedo.
– Salary negotiate karna sikhado.
– Job advice dedo.
– Hamare bache ko calculus/ accounting/ financial management parhado.
– Hamaara bacha writing/ public speaking nai kar paata, usko likhna/ bolna/ zindagi jeena sikhado.”

No aunty jee, you did not put your nalaik son in BBA program because it was an easy choice – you only did this because you had NO other choice.

To all the BBA and MBA major students out there, you might want to show this to your parents. It is about time we make our society realize how important we are.

Gone are the days when we let people think only failures get admissions in BBA programs. If they think that is true, you might want to show them some of the things a BBA or MBA degree taught you.


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