This 'English Teacher' Is Bound To Correct All Your Tenses In The Most

This ‘English Teacher’ Is Bound To Correct All Your Tenses In The Most Hilarious Manner!

English, a language that holds immense importance all around the world, cannot be neglected, living in the 21st century. People who speak the language are always in a constant battle to gain more command over it. Those who do not hold enough command, are striving to get better with the help of English teachers.

However, the English teacher we will introduce does his teaching in the most unique and hilarious manner. His innovative manner of teaching will leave you in splits and might correct your tenses too.

The lyrics of the lecture (yes, that is a thing here) read: “You don’t you don’t write a letter x 2 – We don’t we don’t write a letter x 2 – They don’t they don’t write a letter x 2 – He does not write a letter – she does not write a letter! – RARARA write, RARARA write, write write write!”

“Present continuous, present continuous!”

Okay, I can’t do this anymore. The innovative and extremely hilarious style of this teacher is sending the internet crazy. The lecture, however, is being enjoyed by the students as it can be seen in the video. The style of teaching does not matter, as long as the message is clear without distortion – plus if you add the ballsy and crazy dance moves of this teacher, there is no doubt the lecture is going to be an utmost success.

*Breaks out in an English dance move*

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