Dia Mirza’s New Web Series Is Grabbing Everyone’s Attention!

Dia Mirza web series

The actress Dia Mirza is finally coming out with her brand new web series that is going to cover a tricky topic. She has mentioned that the story is based in Kashmir about a Pakistani woman who crosses the border and is now a prisoner in India.

Dia Mirza

Source: ZeeTV


You probably are curious over the final result; many are anticipating as to how it will turn out. However, there have been a number of disagreements regarding the name and nature of the web series as well.

The Background for the Kaafir Web Series:

The Kaafir web series will be directed by Sonam Nair and is scheduled to be released on ZEE5 on Saturday which is the 15th of June.

The Actress thinks the story is inspiring and she felt connected to the plot. The web series is supposed to hop over borders and describe the despairing feelings of a woman. The main theme or focus is on the freedom of that woman stuck in a country that hates her.

Moreover, she looks back at that series and how it all came together. She reminisces “When I first heard a one-line narration from Siddharth Malhotra, my instantaneous reaction was ‘you have to tell the story’. And then of course when I read the script that Bhavani Iyer had written, I was blown away by how much humanity there was in the story,”

Dia Mirza

Source: ZeeTV

It seems that Dia believes banning Pakistani movies in India is ridiculous. She thinks it is unnecessary and that there is a lot of prejudice behind these bans. She rightfully states, “Art always suffers at the hands of fear but it is also reunited and refueled because of fear. I believe that these prejudices imposed on us don’t just take us away from our neighbors but they also take us away from ourselves,”

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She also reminds of the importance of communication and how we’re just restricting it through such ‘fears’. She says, “And when we deny ourselves the opportunity to communicate and exchange, we are only expressing to the world how fearful we are.”

Furthermore, we can see that she tries to retain the focus on prejudice and the shameful impact it can have on a soul through this web series as well. Her dislike for the discrimination the two countries force on each other is visible. She comments, “Because it is such an inward journey and there is so much that one is representative of through the character and the narrative, within the storyline, I think the real challenge was to understand in depth what prejudice does to us as people,”

“They fundamentally rob us of our true spirit which is love,” she also adds in.

Mirza believes that there is so much more to the struggle of Partition not before but after as well, “So that meant reading poetry of the Progressive Writers’ Movement, especially at the time of Partition, what families went through at the time and what families go through today even in the economic context,”

Dia Mirza

Source: Dia Mirza/Twitter



Emotional Connection With the Web Series:

Dia also releases a heartbreaking statement about her feelings on set. She says, “There were times during the shooting when the shot was over, the camera was off and I was still in the character and broke down crying. My director would come, hug me and we would cry together,”

She further adds, “At times, Mohit (co-star Mohit Raina) would look at me and say ‘Don’t get into the character so much, you won’t be able to come out.’ I think I had no choice because this character was only pulling me to go deeper,”

This shows that the web series means more than just a story to her. She seems willing to look for a change in the mindsets between the two countries. So, for her the Kaafir web series = an emotional bond.

Despite the fact that people are curious and looking forward to its release, there are complains all over social media about the idea and execution of the web series itself.

Controversy Regarding the Hindu Community:

Some think that the title of the web series is promoting hate against the Hindu community. The stressed user says, “You have not yet seen film .. but the very word “kaafir” must have rejuvenated your soul because “kaafir” is an Urdu word depicting hatred for Hindus and you are indisputably a hindu-community-hater. How much more transparent you want to be on such satanic emots ? Shame on you…”


Another twitter user talked about the offensiveness of the title by deciding to throw backlash at Pakistan. The user mentions, “Or how pakistan is father of terrorism, how it is spreading terrorist activities in India, how Kashmiri Hindus r kicked out of there state, women raped, men killed, how our army is living in most hostile conditions in the world..but truth of pakistan is difficult as u hate India”

Ongoing Support From Fans/media:

It has still received more praise than criticism

However, the hate towards the web series seems quite minimal because individuals from both countries have displayed their support for the inspiring story. Here is a user with a twitter account full of praise for Mohit Raina movies, congratulating and anticipating the release of the movie, “A beautiful web series Kaafir based on a true story coming soon on Zee5 acted by Mohit Raina and Dia Mirza. Our best wishes are with whole team, it will be huge success


This journalist is moved by the passion and excitement that Dia has for the upcoming web series. He mentions that he enjoyed interviewing her and Mohit Raina,  Researching for an interview becomes really interesting when the subject captures your attention in a big way. I have to interview Dia Mirza and Mohit Raina for their web series Kaafir that will start streaming on Zee TV from June 15. The promo is simply awe inspiring…”


He further adds in, “I saw the press conference of the launch of Kaafir on YouTube and I could see Dia Mirza in tears as she excitedly talked about the web series. I have known her for many years but I’ve never seen her so invested in any creative endeavour that she has ever been part of…”

Regardless, we are excited for its release but are YOU as well? Comment below if you think this web series will become a hit or a miss!


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