This Couple Beautifully Explained how People can Make their Marriage Strong and Healthy

The Prophet Muhammed ﷺ said, “There is nothing like marriage, for two who love each other”.

When it comes to making a relationship, a marriage work, efforts from both parties matter. Marriages are like a cycle – without one wheel not functioning properly, the other wouldn’t work either. When both the wheels are working fine, putting their respective pressure, the cycle works smoothly. Similarly, marriage works this way as well.

Despite what your daily commitments are, despite how busy you are, at the end of the day being with someone you love has its own pleasure. Sometimes, married people are so consumed in their commitments, they forget to spend time with their spouses. This not only leads to drifting away from each other but also subjects to an unhealthy household.

Islam has been clear in terms of making a marriage work. The attitude of Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) towards his wives and vice versa has been used to set an example for the Muslim Ummah. Practicing the likes of Sunnah, Khalid Al Ameri and his wife made a beautiful video.

Khalid Al Ameri and his Wife Salama are Married from the Past 10 Years

Facebook: Khalid Al Ameri

The Couple has Two Beautiful Children Together As Well

Facebook: Khalid Al Ameri

Marking the 10th year of their anniversary, the couple shared three interesting, yet simple tips that make their marriage work.

Here’s What Khalid Al Ameri Shared on as the Caption of the Video:

This year Salama and I are celebrating being married for ten years. We got married pretty young and have been through so many ups and downs, times that we will remember forever, and times we didn’t think we were going to make it through. More importantly, we learned through all those ups and down, and all those moments have built the relationship we are blessed to have today.

I guess the most important thing we have learned is that a relationship, like everything in life, is only as good as the time and energy you give it. It is built on the little things you do together, and for each other, every day, and those little things compound and create a bond that with last a lifetime inshAllah.

Here a few of the things that have helped us on our journey together, الحمدلله.

Tip 1: Pray Together

Facebook: Khalid Al Ameri

Tip 2: Eat Together

Facebook: Khalid Al Ameri

Tip 3: Don’t be Afraid to Argue

Facebook: Khalid Al Ameri

Al Ameri and his wife beautifully explained all these three tips in this video:

In the end, Al Ameri said that these small efforts account for the larger things in the relationship and it beautifully makes sense. To make a marriage work, these efforts matter.

Show your spouse some love today and start following these steps to see a change in your relationship.

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