These Girls Took It To The Streets of Lahore and Did Something No One Ever Expected

These Girls Took It To The Streets of Lahore and Did Something No One Ever Expected

Pakistani advertisement is usually very regular and follows a certain checklist. The typical household depicted in some way or the other is all kinds of advertising due to their feel good factor and relatability.

But some advertisements try to go beyond the normal boundaries that have been set. They think outside the box and push the limits one step at a time. Some do that creatively while others do things that challenge our way of thinking.

Another such piece of advertising is making waves on the interwebs. It shows fashionable women in the middle of Old Anarkali, forming a flash mob and dancing to the tunes of “Who run the world!”

The brand is called “Do Your Own Thing” or DYOT for short. The caption mentions how the brand stands for people doing things that they want to do and not what is expected of them by the society and the societal norms. It talks about thinking out of the box and express ourselves however we desire without caring what anybody else thinks.

The video above does an excellent job portraying what the brand is all about. But people are not taking it well. They think it is an inaccurate representation of empowerment and strength and not the way how courage should be portrayed.

Update: Following threats and cyber-bullying, the owners of the video have since taken it down to protect the identities of the girls. They put up a Facebook post that had this to say:

It is utterly shameful to resort to bullying people whose actions we disagree with. I hope we, as a nation, grow more sensible in this regard.

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