This Stunning Sight Of A Falling Star In Gilgit Would Take Your Breath Away!

A meteor, commonly known as a Shahab-e-Saqib or falling star is the visible passage of a glowing meteoroid entering the earth’s atmosphere. There are scientific reasons that signify the occurrence of it in outer space which paves its way into the earth’s atmosphere and is often caught on sight by human beings.

Source: Z3 News

Have you ever seen a falling meteor? Chances are, it happens once in a blue moon. There are not many occurrences of falling meteors and it is rarely caught in sight. If you are lucky enough, you might have seen it once in your life. Considering, it is very loud, it is often disturbing for the faint hearted.

Well, it is a very breathtaking sight of nature playing its games. It is enchanting and overwhelming to witness such an occurrence and one must surely count oneself lucky if they have witnessed it in their life.


Just yesterday, a falling star was witnessed in Gilgit. It lit up the skies, caused a loud boom that staggered everyone as citizens rushed out in the open sky to witness the breathtaking sight of nature doing its wonders! Some people were lucky to witness it live, while a CCTV footage has fortunately caught the entire occurrence of it.

Watch the video of a falling star while nature was caught up doing its mighty wonders!

It happened around 9’o clock in Gilgit last night. The areas surrounding the locality of Diamer and Ghizer districts witnessed a loud bang and bright light that lit up the sky as if the sun came up. The falling star was so radiant that it lit up the mountains in the surrounding area.

Just after the occurrence happened, it gave off a loud, explosive and overwhelming sound that caused fear, panic, and anxiety among the people in the vicinity. People felt like apocalypse just happened and ran all directions in panic. There have been reportings of windows being cracked, shutters shaking up due to the spine-chilling sound of the falling star.


Since last night, it has been the talk of the social media. People are enchanted to see nature’s wonder. We are sure not many people in Pakistan have ever witnessed a falling meteor and what happened last night, absolutely shook them down to bits. The phenomenon of meteors entering the sky, emitting shocking noise is called a sonic boom.

No damage of life or matter was reported and the experts reveal that the meteor never hit the ground!

There have only been 1,149 confirmed sightings of falling stars in the world. What happened last night in Gilgit adds to it!

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