This Brand We All Loved In Our Childhood Just Came Up With A New Product

Remember those time when you could not stop humming to the song in the ads of the brand Gai? Every time the ad came on TV, we all avidly sang along.

Well, Gai has come a long way since then. We have come across many other advertisements from the brand, the most likely to succumb to our memory would be that har koi gai ke gun gaye.

Let us take you down the memory lane. Here’s the famous advertisement of Gai soap from our childhood:

Oh, the nostalgia! Great times flashed before our eyes.

This was the time when we came across a Pakistani brand with an interesting name and how amused we were!

Now, the brand has released a new advertisement, starring the gorgeous Mahira Khan.

With this attempt, the brand Gai aims to reposition itself in the market by following a direction towards glamor. The ad has a warm vibe to it which also reveals beautiful locations of Pakistan.

See it for yourself:

Mahira Khan in a stunning display certainly steals the show. Her beautiful attires reflect the complete work of fashion prodigies, Nomi Ansari, Ali Xeeshan and Saniya Maskatiya are just some of the names who lent their breath-taking ensembles.

Not to forget the playback song, all credit to the extremely talented Rahat Fateh Ali Khan for producing a melodious tune that surely uplifts the standards of Gai Power Wash advertisement!

It has so far accumulated massive appreciation from marketing fanatics in all kinds of media. Compared to its previous image and strategies employed in advertisements, the new ad certainly suggests that the brand has successfully elevated its game and has set a standard in the perception of consumers.

The commercial also shows how the production values have been improved in Pakistan. Gai retains its years old quality while adopting a modern flavor.

Have you seen the Gai Power Wash advertisement? What do you think about it? How has the brand come along as compared to what it used to be in our childhood?

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