This Blogger Has A Powerful Message For All Those Who Judge Others For Their Appearance

This Blogger Has A Powerful Message For All Those Who Judge Others For Their Appearance

The internet. A gift for many and not so much for the rest. It gives us the power to say anything but it also brings anonymity with it. Some use that power to say and do good while others misuse the privacy and inflict hate on others. We live in times of vanity. People judge other people, not on their personality traits, but on the way they dress, the cars they drive and, more importantly, on how they look.

In a now deleted comment, an Instagram user, misusing her anonymity on the internet, commented on how horrified she was to see how this blogger looked in real life without the Instagram filters.

Humna Raza is a popular blogger on Instagram and the wife of a famous internet personality; Muzamil Hasan Zaidi of Lolz Studios. Humna addressed the issue of body/ face shaming in a very classy and well-behaved fashion.

This is not a response – this is JUST an important message I wish to and fortunately have the power to pass on. So moments ago my husband uploaded this picture with a filter and this one here has no filter on it. Somebody commented on it saying ‘astaghfirullah ab asal shakal nazar ayi’ and tbh, this is nothing new and has happened a couple of times before but, I just want to put it out there that we may not be the prettiest and probably not the most aesthetically pleasing to your eyes. But I do know for a fact that my husband and I are grateful for the way we’ve been made by Allah. I may not be the most glamorous blogger out there but thats not what I put myself out there for. I put myself out there for things that I believe matter. So I just want to send a message that nobody should apologize for their face or the way they look, because God made us the way He did for reasons He knows and I believe from the bottom of my heart that everything He does is perfect. You or I couldn’t have been made any better, any other way. He thought this was the best version of me. So I’m going to embrace it, and so should you. Have the eye to appreciate things your God made. Love His work. Love His people. He makes no flaws. He made all of us perfect. Now let’s let that sink in. So look the way YOU like to look, dress in a way that makes YOU happy, and be grateful to God. Don’t be sorry for your face, your body. It’s something God made..don’t insult Him. If He made it, it could never have been better than this. ❤️ #positivevibesonly #SmallThingsThatMatter #EndTheHate #NoFilter #HumnaMuzamil #PositiveVibesOnlyn

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How we can help stop this

And even though, the hater feels like a horrible person, we do the same in our normal lives. We judge the people we don’t know based on what they look like and the things they own. We need to feel comfortable in our own skin. We need to accept how we are made and feel confident about that. It starts with us!

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