This Balloon Pill will leave you speechless!

Methods of weight-loss are a dime a dozen, as the obsession of self-image plagues our culture.



 Various approaches to the common goal of losing weight attack this problem from different ends. Surgery techniques like liposuction, body shaping and even boot camps work to slim down a mass and can be very expensive. Other quick fixes like diet pills involve less commitment but can be very detrimental on your body.

A recent trend in gastric balloons is gaining traction as they are effective, inexpensive and less invasive than surgical techniques.

Prior to these balloon pills, any type of manipulation of the stomach to induce the satisfaction of feeling full was in the form of gastric lap bands. This surgical procedure was very expensive and can take up to 6 weeks for full recovery.

With the balloon pill, this tiny balloon is ingested via pill capsule, entering your stomach the old fashion way. Once swallowed the capsule disintegrates and the balloon fills up with 550 ml liquid through a catheter leading out of the patients mouth.


Source: SundayTimes

Once filled, it gives the patient feelings of fullness to suppresses their appetite. The balloon can stay in for about four months before a valve is released and it dissolves, exiting the body through your digestive track.

This unique pill is still not FDA approved yet, but clinical tests reveal a group of 34 patients who tested it out and lost about one third of their excess body weight, averaging about 22 lbs of loss in about four months.

Currently designed for people suffering from more severe cases of being overweight with at least a body mass index of 27 or higher. Stated as not being a long-term solution but really just kick starter for people who striving to shed pounds and do not want to go under the knife.

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