This Angry Woman Ranting About Eid-ul-Azha Holidays Makes So Much Sense

Eid Holidays are something that every Pakistani looks forward to. Almost every citizen of this nation gets a much welcome break from their job/education and spends time focusing on themselves and their family.

It’s a special surprise when the holidays fall close to a weekend. So when we heard that Eid was gonna be from Wednesday to Friday, we were ecstatic.

We would get a holiday on Tuesday for Hajj as well, which meant a 6-day vacation!

However, our Government doesn’t agree. It was announced recently that they are only giving a holiday from 21st to 23rd August- meaning that we’re not getting a holiday on Friday!


This is horrible news. Why aren’t we getting a holiday on the 3rd Day of Eid? It’s always been a holiday, both according to our religion and our traditions. A Pakistani woman voiced all of our opinions in this video:

This girl asks the government to increase Eid holidays! What’s your call? Do you agree with her point of view? #RahabMunir

Posted by FHM Pakistan on Thursday, August 16, 2018

Well said! People on Twitter were not happy at all over this news and agreed with the sentiment stated by her.

That is so true. Butchers nowadays charge obscene amounts of money for sacrificing animals, especially in big cities like Karachi and Lahore. Not only that, the animals themselves are being oversold at a huge price. If you buy an animal on the first or even second day, it is much cheaper than buying it beforehand.

I agree! People should be free to sacrifice their animals in peace and without worries like their job. This is very relevant for those people who live away from their families and will now have to apply for a day off or leave their family before the weekend. This is so inconvenient for such a large number of people!

Mr Imran Khan, I urge you. Give us a day off on the 3rd day of Eid so that we can have a comfortable time with both our religious and family commitments.

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