8 Things That Happen When Your Best Friend Is In A Relationship

1. You suddenly have a lot of alone time

You suddenly have to share your friend with another human being. You start finding yourself alone because she’s with her other half.

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2. You’re sometimes jealous

Because she was yours first. How dare he barge in to take her away from you!

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3. You’re going to hear everything about him

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4. You wonder if she’s telling all your secrets to her boyfriend

 What if she’s telling him everything you told her?!

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5. He replaces you in her profile picture

And this breaks your heart for real.

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6. She suddenly wants to find the right guy for you too

Is it because now I’m too annoying for you? Or you don’t want me whining that I’m lonely.

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7. You know you’ll be there if he breaks her heart

You break her heart, I’ll break your face!

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8. And you’re so happy because she’s happy

Because her being happy is all you need.

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