Humanity Is The Path That Can Lead Towards A Better Country

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Have you ever thought about the purpose of your existence? Why are you here in this part of the universe, on this very planet, and in this country? Surely, there must be some logic behind your presence. A reason that defines your life, or should define your life. Saints, priests, and religious and philosophical scholars have all pondered on questions like these. None of them have given a clear answer. For us humans, daily or “normal” humans, why cannot the answer be to simply balance life between serving our Maker that we believe in, serving humanity, and serving ourselves?

The thought comes after I recently learned a story that a friend of mine shared with me. He was stuck in traffic, unable to help an ambulance that was stuck behind him in the line. When he finally got to meet the traffic warden, he was managing the traffic flow and when told about the ambulance the warden made no real attempt in letting the ambulance escape the horrendous traffic.

In another event, a colleague of mine was denied a sale of bandage and an ointment from a pharmacy when he took his bloodied arm there, after getting involved in some accident. The reason for denial: “It’s our lunch break, you can come back later.”

Every day we watch 9 p.m. news and curse our leaders. We discuss how the country should be run, what our national cabinet is doing, and we talk about money grabbing thieves sitting casually in the parliament. We talk about responsibilities and roles of a Prime Minister and his ministries. However, all this political debate will become insignificant, and meaningless the moment we realize that we are not worthy of having true leaders.

We, whose thoughts cannot dissuade from money and women, who cannot help out neighbours in their time of need, who do not know how to form a queue in a bank or in any public place, who tend to eat like savages at marriage functions, wasting food instead of giving the leftovers to the poor, are deprived of the concept of humanity and humaneness.

Small actions like throwing wrappers and garbage inside a nearby dustbin, parking vehicles outside a gathering in such a way so as it does not disturb traffic, selling good quality meat, serving clean food, etc. speaks volumes about the general population of a country.

A pharmacist should naturally be inclined towards helping the sick, a traffic warden should know when an ambulance needs to get out of traffic. People who are responsible for doing their job should be held accountable, in short, the need for accountability starting from the lower management.

If we all ourselves are not honest and considerate towards each other, if the humane factor is not present within ourselves for each other, then, how can we even wish for a better leader to lead this country?

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