Seven Productive Things To Do In Quarantine

Seven Productive Things To Do In Quarantine

things to do during quarantine

Someone once claimed that ‘disasters are the best teachers’. Most of the people across the world are home these days as they quarantine themselves to avoid the novel coronavirus. Not only Pakistan but hundred of countries have undergone a lockdown and are fighting the lethal virus.

However, living under self-isolation doesn’t mean that we become lazy. One can be more productive and make the best use of the time that we have at home.

Most of us spend half of our lives while sleeping and the other half at work and with family. Globalization and digitization have made our lives so fast that we hardly have time to contemplate significant things. Most of the people do think of productive ideas but fail to implement them. We don’t have time for kids and family and we hardly try to revamp our deteriorated relations with the loved ones. In short, we just don’t know the way of leading a serene and happy life. 

things to do during quarantine

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Here is a list of seven productive things that you can do during the quarantine.  

Spend time with family

If you are married, spend time with your wife and children. Get to know them more closely. Question your kids about their life; what they like and what they aim to do. Teach them the things you think are necessary for them. Spend some time and be their teacher. Similarly, if you are not married, spend time with your parents. Ask them, if they need anything? Love them, adore them and pamper them.

Read some books

Reading is the best habit one can develop. They say, “books are the best friends.” Instead of wasting your precious time on useless social media, indulge yourself in reading. Make a list of your interests and find the right books accordingly. You can also download books now on the internet. Furthermore, if you are not interested in random reading, read the Quran with translation. This is the best time to connect with the almighty and learn lessons from the life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Start cooking 

Cooking is also one of the best habits one can develop. It makes you feel relax. Moreover, for some, it’s also a therapy so cook for your family, they will surely enjoy it too. Showcase your love to them and ask them to join you. This is a healthy activity and will make you feel happy.


Do you wish to get in shape, but you could not get the time to go to the gym? The time is all yours. Start doing some physical exercises and make a routine. If you are unclear what kind of workouts are for you, google them. Be consistent and you will get the results. Yoga will also help many.


Sel-isolation also brings feelings of anxiety and stress. Are you also facing any such issues? Is there a plethora of unanswered questions in your mind? Do you feel you are wasting your time? If yes, then meditation is your panacea. Meditation opens up the chained doors of our minds. It is the way of reaching the zenith of human power. Meditation will help you to harmonize with the universe.

things to do during quarantine

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Ameliorate your home

Improve the condition of your home. Use ‘Do It Yourself’ (DIY) posts and bring real changes at home. Develop your garden. Help your spouse with household work. If your kids want any changes, change it. In short, indulge in house chores.

Turn weaknesses into strengths

If you are a student and you are weak in any subject, you have all the time now to learn that specific subject. Work on the skills you ever wanted to develop. Give yourself tasks and set a time frame to achieve them.

In a nutshell, remember you may not get this time again, and life will eventually get back to normal. Therefore, make most out the time. Instead of pondering upon negativity and indulging in fears of COVID-19, be productive and positive.


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