These 7 Things Make Women Just As Tharki, As Men Are Claimed To Be!

Well well well, the title seems to be a treat for those guys who think women are as tharki as men and women do any poondi as well.

Fun fact: yes, women do poondi. Now how do they do it? what makes them do a very nice and in-depth poondi (sorry, not sorry) and what makes them tharki, that is something that varies (unlike men who make it very obvious). But the bottom-line is that sometimes (or maybe a lot of times), we want our eyes to enjoy a good sight of God’s masterpieces as well.

Before I list the general reasons of poondi and tharak, I need to assure you here that majority of the women do it very subtly (unlike men, hehe). They make sure they are not caught in the act. We do take “pehli nazar jaiz hai” very seriously.

Note: Please enjoy this article and do not make it into a Men Vs. Women debate. Zara halka liya kero cheezo ko.

1. His Dressing Style

Women love clothing. They get crazy when it comes to clothes and shopping for themselves and this is why most of the time women are attracted to the dressing of a man.

If you read this point and thought to yourself that “it’s all about money”, then I assure you that you are on the wrong track. The entire thing about dressing is how you carry yourself. Have the confidence like Taher Shah who flaunts in his mankind angel look. Seekho kuch yaar.

2. His Muscles (No Surprise Here)

C’mon guys. Give us for this one at least. Since desi men are not into making muscles and it is a universal fact that women do like men with muscles, whenever we see a macho guy, we are instantly attracted. We obviously like the idea of being with a strong person and muscles of a guy do depict their strong, manliness physically.

But muscles…. *Drools*

3. When He Buys Women Food

A wise man once said, “The way to a woman’s heart is when you get her food.” Who ever said this surely knew that women go crazy when this happens.

She will go tharki for you. I promise.

4. His Smile

We like curvy things too, jbtw.

5. A Strong, Sassy Perfume

Even if we didn’t notice you when you were standing right there in front of us, a strong perfume will definitely get our attention and make our heads turn like antennas.

6. A Facial Style That Suits Him

Nope, doesn’t have to be a full-grown beard necessarily. As mentioned earlier, women like the idea of being with someone strong and beards (or any other facial hair style) proves this.

7. His Hairstyle

Kangi kar liya kero bus, bohat hai.

So the conclusion is that we have eyes too and we like a nice view as well. Simple. We’re simple creatures who like to look at eye candy too once in a while. There’s no harm in looking.

If there are other things that attract you to the gorgeous male species, please comment and let us know!


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