10 Things That Happen When You’re A Girl With Male Best Friends

‘Oh, but a guy and a girl can’t be best friends!’

Thank you, dear liberal and accepting society for propagating that wise, philosophical truth.

But I’ll tell you another truth- having male best friends is the craziest thing that will ever happen to you. And yes, that does mean that a guy and a girl CAN be best friends. Things get much better if you’re a girl with not just one, but TWO male best friends! You get to be the center of all drama and attention. Here are the things that happen if you find yourself in that blessed situation.

1. “So, which one are you dating?”


2. You can’t invite them over because, astaghfirullah! Na mehram!


3.  They’ll tell you when a wax is required

male bffs

4. They’ll tell you how a guy’s brain works


5. OR, they’ll mess it up for you

guys messing it up

6. You become desensitized to their swearing. In fact, you’ll start doing yourself it in no time


7. You’ve been to places your family won’t exactly be proud of

guy bffs-

8. They might not understand how it works, but they’ll handle your PMS just perfectly.


9. You don’t have to deal with the female drama (But they have to put up with yours)


10. They’ll be the most perfect shoulders to cry on


 You’ll get rishtas. And you won’t end up dating them. So go for it, girls!


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