You are Doomed – 8 Things that Might Go Wrong Just Before Eid!

Ramadan is almost over and if you aren’t done with your preps for Eid, then my friend, you’re DOOMED. The endless trips to your tailor, the salon appointments, groceries and what not – all of this should’ve been done way before (Okay, okay, you can take the salon out from the list).

But things may terribly wrong, just before Eid, and here are just a few:

11.   For girls, not having your clothes stitched on time is no less than a nightmare!


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Talk about not getting your dresses ready before Eid… yeah, even the thought of it haunts you, right?

2. Finding a salon but you end up in a looong queue, that too, at a super crowded salon!


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Book your appointment 2 weeks before Eid. If you’ve missed out, then get ready to face the ‘zillat’ of going to a salon just so you can look beautiful. LOL.

3. Pressing your Eid clothes and accidentally burning them


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Your iron is on high and you place it directly on your sleeves! What happens next…?

4. Running out of water at home, just before Eid prayers. Masha’Allah.


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Now, now, if this wasn’t what you wanted on Eid day… PERFECT.

5.  Unable to find a mehndi wali on ‘Chaand Raat’


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If you haven’t left your house at 3 PM, then forget it. You’re not finding a mehndi wali. And, if you’re a guy reading this, TAKE NOTES.

6.  You get your Eid dress and find out your tailor has mixed up the size with your mom’s


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And your tailor will try to act all efficient and what not! And, he will talk you out of it. Bewarezzz.

7.  Realizing red bumps on your face because of the facial you got a day before. Yikes!


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How unfortunate can you be? It’s better to get your services done at least 3-4 days prior to Eid!

8.  Forgetting to get ‘’karak notes’’ for Eidi and the


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If you don’t have those ‘karak’ and ‘khushbudaar’ notes… don’t even think about distributing it!

How many have you are done with your Eid preps?

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