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7 Things People With Dimples Will Understand

Welcome to the world of unwanted attention. These are the things you will be able to relate to if you too, have those beautiful little indentations on your cheeks;

1. Cute has become your second name

The rest of your appearance and traits aside, your dimples are enough to garner the “cute” compliment wherever you go.

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2. You’ve been asked to smile in public so people can check your dimples out

And then you’ve been stared at as if you were an extraterrestrial.


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3. And then they get REALLY excited when the dimples appear


Yes. So exciting.


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4. And if they want to touch it..

Um. Personal space? No?


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5. People keep telling you you’re lucky when in reality, it’s a deformity that you have


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6. You’ve used them to get you out of situations

Let’s dimple-smile our way out of this mess..


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7. And then you have to answer all sorts of questions

So is it on one cheek or both? What does it feel like?


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