8 Things People Who Hate Babies Can Relate To

1. You don’t understand why parents bring their babies to crowded places especially restaurants. Because they end up ruining everyone else’s dinner, thanks to all the whining


2. You always have to pretend to be excited when a friend announces she’s having a baby



3. Your biggest concern while travelling is being seated next to an infant. No. Just no.



4. They are literally everywhere and you have no other choice but to be nice to them


5. Even though you do nothing to them they’ll cry for no reason, which makes you hate them even more



6. Children are rude and people find that cute, you have no idea why



7. Why are couples so excited to bring babies into this world? What’s so great about it?



8. And you get so pissed off when someone says “Yeah you were a kid too once!”



Source: giphy.com


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