8 Things People Who Can’t Save Will Understand!

Life is a constant battle between saving up for your phone or eating out everyday. Needless to say, eating out everyday wins. Every single time. If the choice was as obvious for you as it was for me, congratulations, you’ve been diagnosed with a Can’t-Save personality disorder. These are the things you’ll know to be true if that’s the case.

1. 10 days into the month and you find your bank balance has plunged to, well, zero


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2. You tell yourself you’re definitely going to save this time around

do it

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3. But that ain’t happening


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4. Even though your friends have tried helping you in the endeavor

They’ve tried advising you. They’ve scolded you. They’ve also tried to confiscate your credit and debit cards. But all has failed.


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5. You’ve also spent other people’s money if they’ve made the mistake of trusting you

What’s yours is mine.


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6. You’ve tried explaining to people how spending is a compulsive behavior you have no control over

It basically comes as naturally to you as breathing.


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7. You can’t keep track of how much you’ve spent where

One minute it’s there. The other, it’s not.


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8. You have already made a list of things you’re going to spend your next pay cheque on

Food. Food. And some clothes. And that gorgeous pair of shoes on sale.

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You’ve heard your parents and friends drone on and on about the importance of saving. But you just CAN’T help it.

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