Here Are 10 Things Parents Are Always Worried About And They Can’t Help It

“Bachay baar baar baray nahi hotay!” a phrase we often hear parents use while fretting constantly to do their best.

While people may think that raising a child is a mundane task, let me assure you that every day is filled with new, complex decisions. The constant worry, questioning ourselves repeatedly, meltdowns and the belief that everyone else is better at this than us, welcome to the world of parenthood, no one said it would be easy!

Here’s a list of 10 things which make parenting seem scary:

1. The ‘not knowing everything’ problem

As parents, we are too hard on ourselves. Kids don’t come with a user manual; it’s okay to make mistakes. Inexperience does not mean ineptness. We learn as we go along, and fast..

2. Pretending to be the perfect parent, we have all done this at one point or another

We can hardly be blamed for this when there are 20 people ready to judge us at all times!

3. As parents we adore our little monsters and going anywhere without them in tow is hard, to say the least!

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But we are only humans, we also need breaks, parenting is a lonely job so quit feeling guilty and go to that lunch you keep saying no to!

4. There are no perfect parents. Ours weren’t and we certainly aren’t.

So while we keep trying not to make the same mistakes our parents made, we will certainly make a few of our own. That’s just the way it goes, so better make peace with the fact.

5. It is really important to understand that parenting dynamics have changed entirely

While we were raised in much simpler times with plenty of physical activity and good, homemade food, the physical and mental nutrition of today’s kids is a big parenting challenge. Are they getting enough exercise? Is their diet nutritious enough for healthy growth?

6. Are we raising a decent person?

Balancing between being strict or lenient can be quite tricky because saying no to them is no easy feat!

7. I think that one of the biggest concerns we have today, is if our children have friends or not

We don’t want to see them unhappy or lonely!

8. Having a child fall sick is like a special failure! How could this happen on our watch?

They are kids, they get ill sometimes, don’t take it personally. And if they are getting the right nutrition and the essential minerals, they’ll be alright.

9. Everywhere we look, we see overachievers!

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How will our child do well is the question which follows this observation!

10. And finally, how do we equip our child to grow up to be a healthy individual, both physically and mentally?

Well, there is no magic formula for this. As parents, we constantly have to strive for what’s best for our kids’ future. And one thing that can give us a guaranteed peace of mind when it comes to their nutrition, is NESTLÈ NIDO. Our parents gave it to us, and we turned out fine. It is the one thing that we can give to our children with eyes closed. This Khas Ghazai Formula is an age-old nutritional partner of parents, having evolved with the times to fulfill the needs, both physical and mental, of today’s children, fortified with essential minerals and ALA, a fatty acid that’s excellent for mental development. So while there are no easy answers in the world of parenting, NESTLÈ NIDO is the one absolute truth.

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