10 Things Only Pakistanis Who Have Been To Thailand Will Remember

10 Things Only Pakistanis Who Have Been To Thailand Will Remember

Pakistanis love traveling, be it inside the country or the seasonal foreign tour. One of the most in-demand and cost effective places to travel, Thailand has been a Pakistani tourist hotspot lately.

People from all over the country have been showing interest in traveling to Thailand for one reason or the other. It could be the sandy beaches, the exotic outlook or the crazy night-life, Thailand is the go-to place for Pakistanis right now.

Here are a number of things that only Pakistanis who’ve traveled to Thailand can relate to

1. Beer is going to be cheaper than water for you

Source: latitude34.com

When you’re thirsty, you start contemplating what you actually want to extinguish your thirst…

2. Whether you’re a girl or a boy, you’re going to get a Thai massage sooner or later

Source: bkthaimassage.com

It’s going to be pleasantly surprising… also, if you’re a guy, you know how the drill ends!

3. Accept it, everybody watches the cabaret show at least once…

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And when you get out of the show you’re all shiny and gloooooooomy…

4. Thailand is home to some of the best biryanis.. (no idea why)

Source: siamsizzles.com

Maybe because so many desi people live there and visit Thailand, that it’s only natural…

5. Holding/Touching a tiger is probably the most overwhelming feeling you can have

Source: revealingworld.com

Pakistanis aren’t fond of petting dogs.. imagine, petting a tiger in Thailand!

6. You will not be able to differentiate between a girl and a ladyboy

Source: rocketnews24.com

“Hey sexy! Come heeea if you want to get booom booom!” and you’re like damn, is that a guy or a girl?

7. If you’ve been to the Full Moon party, you know how crazy it is

Source: youtube.com

Honestly, there’s nothing better than the Full Moon party!

8. The warm weather and friendly locals of Thailand

Source: briff.me

They know you’re their guests and they take care of you. As for the weather, well, rock the shorts and sleeveless shirts!

9. There’s no better place than the Walking Street in Pattaya

Source: asiawebdirect.com

The only thing that comes close to the Walking Street is the Bangla Street in Phucket!

10. The Tuk-Tuk fish spa? Did you miss it?

Source: phuket101.com

You must have traveled in a Tuk Tuk, but did you travel in a Tuk-Tuk fish spa? The feeling is unreal?

What are we missing out? Something extraordinary you want to share with us?

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