Things Pakistani Girls Are Tired Of Hearing From Their Parents

Things Pakistani Girls Are Tired Of Hearing From Their Parents

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When I came to this world, all the khandan ki aunties surrounded my cot and started their duhaiyyan! “Haye Allah! Beta hojata is baar”, “Pehle he do betiyan hain, aik or hogae?” and much more like that. And all these duhaiyyan are still continued bass inme amma abba ka izafa hogaya!

Being a Pakistani dukhtar, you have to listen to the typical taane from your parents too. It is really difficult to find the meetha oil for your ears with which you can’t hear such sort of questions, so till you are unable to find any solution just suniye and ser dhuniye!

Here are the most popular “baatein” you have to listen to!

1. Us Din…


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“Phir say? Us din tou gae the bahir Sara k sath. Jab dekho bahir phirna hota hai ! Kabhi humaray sath bhe waqt guzar lia karo”

Us din = 2 weeks before! Well, in some instances, it can be even a month before!

2. Shadi Na Sahi Mangni Sahi…



“26 saal ki tou ho gae ho. Umar nikal rae hai ab tou kar lo shaadi ! Acha..chalo mangni he kar lo? Hain?”

3. When you say NO to your parents for Arranged Marriages


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To kia hua? Hum nay bhe tou arrange marriage ki the”

Yea I don’t know, I have a fear-of-the-unknown!

4. Sharing Is Caring??? Not At All Mom!!!


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“Beta koi baat hai tou mujh say share karo, main tumhare maa hun”

*Approaches to confront mom. Tells her a Shiaa/Sunni/Christian/Gora/Pathan (basically some XYZ who is out your caste etc.) is interested in me and wants to send a rishta*

Haye Haye! Aisay kesay ho sakta hai?? Nahi beta! Humari khandaan ki izat kharab karo ge? Log kia kahain gay? Mujhe kuch ho jae ga dekh laina”

5. Aag Lag Jae Is Phone Ko


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“Shakal dekhi hai apni? Kia ban gae ho! Shakal dekho bus apni ! Sara din bus tick tick….”

Well thanks Mom/Dad for ruining my self-esteem and confidence. *Looks at herself with utmost disgustingness*

6. No Dupatta? Haye Rabba!!!


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“YEH PEHAN K JAO GE BAHIR? Thori exercise kar lo moti ho gae ho, jeans dekho phas gae hai tumhain, dupatta kahan hai tumhara?”

7. Online Food? Murdabad…


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“Khana bhe pakana seekh lo kuch..shadi kar k kia sirf aloo k chips khilao ge mian ko???”

8. Apse Puch Ker He To Job Start Ki The Ab Kya Hoa???


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“Aj kal ki larkian…nokri kar li tou pata nae kia samajhte hain apnay apko….”

*Thinking mode* *What does that mean even?* *What have I done?*

9. “Kis say batain kar rae ho? Kon hai?”


Source: India Forums

*Ami Sara hai*……………*continuing death stares from ami and suspicious looks from abu*

10. Jao Change Karo Is Rang Barange Pajame Ko


Source: Her Campus

“Mehmaan a rahay hain..jao ja k tayar ho k ao ! Yeh kia pajama charaya hota hai har waqat”

So, be brave Pakistani girls! Allah sabireen kay saath hai and the life struggles are temporary. If you can handle with these tanz kay teer, you would also be able to handle any other difficulty that the world decides to throw your way! Say thanks to your mom and dad!

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