Things Pakistan Does Better Than India According To The World

Ever since the British left the sub-continent, Pakistan and India have been locked in a neverending race of ‘who is better’. Both countries have tried to show their supremacy and hold in South Asia through a variety of different methods and mediums.

It cannot be denied that India is one of the fastest-growing superpowers of the world but nobody can shy from the fact that Pakistan has played a vital role in its growth. The challenges Pakistan puts forward at every corner forces India to go that extra mile in order to stay valid.


Where India has done wonders in the fields of science and technology, Pakistan has undoubtedly lost course. However, the 1 billion odd population cannot be put in comparison with the 20 crore people of Pakistan.

Consequently, India has become better than Pakistan in a lot of things. But there is no running away from the fact there is a host of things that Pakistan is significantly better at doing than India. This is the debate that went on a famous debate platform, Quora.

In the answers, the Quora user stated these things that Pakistan did better than India — here are some of them:

“1. Pakistani’s have a kinder, gentler view of India and Indians versus the view Indians have of Pakistan and Pakistanis. In my many encounters with Indians all over the world, as well as Indian TV and magazines, I’ve been surprised many times about the baseline hostility which underlies Indian opinion of Pakistan.

2. Ramzan. It has many downsides but also shows off one of Pakistan’s best features. You can be anywhere in Pakistan, whether driving home from work in one of the big cities, passing through a remote village or hiking to the base camp of K2, and when the fast open, everything stops, and wherever you are you’ll be invited to join in by complete strangers to share what little food they have. It is heartwarming and touching. As well as potentially stomach filling.


3. Cricket. Now everyone knows that Tendulkar has scored more runs than the entire Pakistan cricket team put together, but all those runs and centuries don’t add up to the six heard around the cricket world to this day – Javed Miandad. Sharjah. Last ball six. I don’t think I need to say anymore.”

The list, however, went on. To back these thoughts, there was another Quora user from India, a Hindu, who somewhat agreed with his Pakistani counterpart and added other things to the list, showing that there still are some sane Indians left.

Here are some of the facts that Ayush Srivastava highlighted in his answer:

“Edit 1: The most important thing which Pakistanis do better than us. A comparatively free media which boldly takes a stance against the ruling government, unlike India where with the change in government the loyalty of the media houses also changes. Read articles by renowned Pakistani journalists like Nadeem F Paracha, and please do see videos of journalists like Najam Sethi and Hassan Nisar on youtube and see how they openly criticise the government, its policies, people etc. which I think Indian media does not do to the extent it should and is more concerned with “what the nation w

1.) Firstly, most important, the Singers: The Great Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Sahab, enough said.
Then, Ghulam Ali Sahab, sir your Gazal “Chupke Chupke raat din” is my favorite not to mention many others like ‘Hungama Kyun Hai Barpa’, ‘Kal Chaudhvi ki raat thi’, ‘Dil Mein ek leher’, ‘Apni Dhun mein rahta hun’ and much more.


2.) Music Bands: Not a day passes when I don’t listen to a song of Strings (in fact I was listening to “Mera Bichra Yaar” while writing this answer), Jal you have been a childhood favorite. Junoon, your Sayonee is simply great even after nearly 15 years. But nothing like Strings. The only competition from India in my opinion (again personal favorites) is Euphoria.

3.) Fast Bowling: Thank you for giving the world the Sultan of Swing, and one of my favorite, Wasim Akram. The first to take 400 wickets in both Tests and ODIs ( the second being Muttiah Muralitharan). Also, thank you for giving the world of cricket Reverse Swing. Not to forget other greats like Waqar Younis (deadly yorkers), Shoaib Akhtar (sheer pace) etc.

These are some of the things that Quora users discussed — things that Pakistan is significantly better at doing than India. Other answers are present on the links shared above as well. Did these people miss out on something? What would you suggest? What according to you are things that Pakistan is better at doing than India?

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