Things Our Parents Do That Annoy Us

We love them, obviously. But there are a few things that our parents do that annoy us, and make us want to smash our heads against a wall. Here are some of those things;

1. Constant comparison to “smarter” children

Fareed uncle’s daughter has a double majors. Samina phuppo’s son has the perfect manners. Look at yourself. (14)


2. Blaming our phone and laptop for everything

All our problems stem from the fact that we’re on our phones and laptops 30 hours of the day.



3. For the detailed investigation before they let us go out

Who are you going out with? Identity proof? National tax number? Where are their ancestors buried?



4. For judging our friends

Basically, all our rebellion and ‘liberal khayalat’ come from our friends. They were born to incite us against our parents.


5. For always complaining about how ‘badtameez’ we are

Any attempts at communicating with them is called “arguing”. You must learn to shut up and listen.



6. For the ‘hum apni umar me toh..’ talk

They were superhumans, basically.

kill me now


7. For not always understanding our individuality

For not understanding the fact that we aren’t mass manufactured product that will function according to the society’s specifications. Their reaction to everything that makes us happy is standard:

parents reaction


8. For the spying

For the times moms “clean” your drawers and cupboards and find something they aren’t supposed to find. And for all the times they ask you, “Kiska phone tha?”



Nosy, annoying and demanding. But you love them the most anyway. That’s parents for you.


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