Things Only People Who Had an Arranged Marriage Can Relate to!

If you’ve found the one you’ve been looking for to get married to, then you’re a lucky duck! But if you have failed to, and misfortune has been with you since the day you were born, then we’re sorry and we feel you.  The only solution for you is ‘An Arranged Marriage’. We know arranged marriages have its own thing, but the success rate is still higher than love marriages!

P.S. It all begins with a single cup of ‘chai’ and a lot of interviewing LOL.

1. The Tsunami of Rishta aunties visiting your house. Don’t even start…

And dressing up for them is the worst thing ever!

2. If you’re lucky enough, your parents will allow you to meet your ‘mangetar’


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That too, IF you don’t belong to a conservative family.

3. The annoying, never-ending rasmein that follow the actual wedding


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Brace yourselves for the all-night long activities… Darwaza rukaayi, doodh pilayi,  joota chuphayi and the list goes on…

4. “Beta, koi khushkhabri tou suna do” is what you get to hear a month after your shaadi


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Umm.. hello? It’s been a month. How about you do the family planning for us?

5. If you ever get into a little argument, your ghar walay starts asking you, “beta khush tou ho?”


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6. A sole solution to every problem that arises… HAVE BABIES!


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Sar mein dard, have babies. Don’t know how to cook, have babies. Car’s not working, have babies.

7. The cheesiness that follows after getting married. Yes, it was arranged, but still it gets cheesier than love marriages…


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It just keeps getting cheesier!

8.  Lastly, not to forget, your cooking skills HAVE to be gourmet. Period.


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Marriage comes with knowing how to cook… Don’t know? You’re doomed. That’s it.

Arranged or love, we know marriages require a  lot of patience. But being together and sharing beautiful moments together is what makes it better!

Pretty relatable? Do you have more things to share with us? Let us know in the comments!

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