8 Things Only Girls Who Went to An All Girls School Understand

1. You formed the closest group of friends the world has ever seen. You shared everything with them and trusted them more than anyone else.


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2. The majority of girls did not give a shit about what they looked like.


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3. It was acceptable to enter a room and announce that you need a tampon. Apparently outside of school this is not acceptable, who knew?


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4. Bitch fights were a daily occurrence especially in the younger years.


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5. Due to the lack of boys there were certain male teachers that everyone fancied.


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6.When you went to university and a boy sat next to you in class it felt really weird.


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7. Films like Wild Child and St. Trinian’s were and still are way too relatable.


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8. Your form teacher had a year’s supply of makeup wipes in her desk drawer. Once one girl came in wearing mascara, the rest of you would definitely follow suit.

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