Things Only ‘Chotay Behan Bhai’ Have to Tolerate

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Well, the topic I am trying to explain here is a bit unusual although it may seem cliched at first, the things that elder siblings don’t realize they do to their younger ones and all they can do is try to tolerate it…

1. The Younger Ones Think 100000 Times Before Speaking In Front Of Elders

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An option of the elder siblings matter a lot for the younger ones or you can say their approval. So, when they are making fun of the opinions and ideas of the younger ones only for leg pulling, things can go along two ways:

1. Younger one becomes adamant and carefree and does not bother the opinion of the elder one any longer. A downfall of it is that when the elder one is giving a genuine advice, it is not taken seriously by the younger one.

2. The other way is that younger one regress to its shell and becomes under confident, thinking that he or she is dumb and really avoid speaking their mind for the rest of their lives.

2. Younger Ones Have Life Too But Who Cares!

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Well, the next thing is that, although the elder one has to face everything for the first time and the parents also experience everything for the first time, it doesn’t mean that these experiences are any less important for the younger one. Any milestone for elder one is too important but when the younger one gets their’s, elder one has more important milestone ahead that is not celebrated or cherished for the younger one. S,o he or she is always under the shadow of the elder one which may become insufferable for the younger one and may encourage mutiny.

3. Elders LOVE To Impose Their “What-Not-To-Do-List” on Younger Ones

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Although you have far greater experience elder ones and you are thinking in the best interest of the younger ones, you may close the space around the younger ones with your advice and “what not to do’s”. You may provoke the younger one with your to-do lists and what not to do.

4. Nanhi Si Jaan Bhi Thak Jaati Hai Yaar!


The elder ones have the birthright to order around the younger ones without any consciousness that they may be tired or exhausted or maybe overworked already just give them some time and they will do whatever you’re asking them to do.

Lastly, just do consider this that the younger one can be right sometimes if you just listen to them and give them some space and peace and quiet for once in their life.

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