5 Hilarious Things Only Brown People Say And Do

If you’ve grown up in a desi household you might have an idea of what I’m talking about. Sit back and relax while I list you through all the things only brown people say.

1. Aag Lag Jae Is Mobile Ko!!!


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If you’re brown, your mom probably blames everything on your phone like the time when you broke your leg and your mom was positive that it was because of your phone.

2. When You Are Late


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You can’t really show up to places on time if you’re brown. It’s just not your thing. And even when your guests call you to ask you where you are, you lied that you’re ten minutes away whilst in reality you haven’t even started getting ready.

3. Allah Hafiz…Allah Hafiz…Allah Hafiz…


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You have to say goodbye at least 100 times. Oh and that conversation that happens outside the house on the road is mandatory. I still don’t get why that conversation cannot happen inside the house. Why do you have to say goodbye at every step, seriously!

4. When The Result Is Just Good


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Your parents probably care more about Khadijah’s result than yours, you’ll be probably getting really happy about the fact that you got 5 A’s but then Abbu has to remind you that Khadijah got 6 like. Why you do this Abbu?

5. When You Live Abroad


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If you live abroad you can definitely relate to this, your mom will make you feel guilty by saying “Pakistan main tumhari jitni larkiyon nay pura ghar samhala howa hota hai.” And most likely all you’re doing is playing Pokemon Go.

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