10 Things Nobody Told Me When I Was Starting My 20s

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Let’s keep it short, simple and realistic. How many of you have read online articles in which they ask you to save money, sleep on time and travel more? How many of us can actually do all of that? Not many, I guess. Especially not in our 20s.

So, here’s my list of do’s & don’ts.

1. Don’t Try To Fit In:

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There is no point in trying to fit in. A shoe that’s not your size would only trouble you if you try to fit in it. To avoid trouble we buy a new one that fits. Am I right or not? I think I am. So, let go of people that are giving you a tough time and they are consuming a lot of your energy. Invest your time in people who you fit in with the best.

2. Stop Listening To Others:

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Don’t listen to what other people say, listen to your heart. Do what your gut feeling tells you. It is okay to try something and fail. You’d be at peace knowing the fact that it was your choice and not someone else’s that was imposed on you. You’ll learn from your mistakes, but first… you need to start listening to your heart and take ownership of your decisions.

3. Learn From Your Mistakes:

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Don’t regret about making mistakes, it’ll only help you in achieving your goal. Everyone makes mistakes, don’t be afraid. Failure eventually leads you to success. Just don’t repeat the same mistake over and over again.

4. Family Comes First:

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Family comes first, and you realize this as soon as you walk into our 20’s. Let’s face it our parents are getting old and they need our time. More than anybody else, they deserve to be a part of our achievements. Miss out on a friend’s party because your mom wants to speak her heart out. Talk business with your dad and he will be proud to know that his kid knows so much.

5. Laugh More:

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Laugh a little more than you do. It is fine to LOL once in a while. It’s not costly, dear!

6. Try Different Things:

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Don’t be afraid of trying new things. It gives you chances of learning and observing.

7. Spend Money:

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Use your money in making memories & never regret it. It does not only satisfies your soul but also provides you everlasting peace!

8. Work Hard:

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Work a little harder to get achieve your goal. Don’t whine and make excuses. Great things come with great work!

9. Stop Regretting:

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Don’t regret those silly crushes & relationships. We all go through different phases of life and we all have been there.

10. Be Focused:

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Focus on your life and stop stalking your friends on Facebook. It is not always what it seems. Maybe it just looks like they are having a blast but in real life, it is exactly the opposite. Who knows? So focus on yourself and your achievements.

I wish someone had told me all of this before entering my 20s. But it is never too late to learn from other people’s mistakes.

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