6 Things Pakistani Men Should Never Say To Their Wives If They Want To Stay Alive

Relationships can be tough. Men and women are literally at opposite polls and understanding each other, well, that can be real difficult. One interesting thing about women, however, is that a lot of their habits are predictable during a particular mood. The subject of how dumb (read: cute) men can be, that they cannot even pick up on those habits and react accordingly is some what amusing.

So if you are a married man who needs the pleasure of watching his kids grow old right in front of his eyes and wishes not be killed, murdered, exiled or abandoned by his wife, you definitely need to follow these tips:

1. Changing The Subject When She Says She Is “Fine”


Ask her twice or thrice and if the answer remains the same, KEEP QUIET. DO NOT SAY ANYTHING FOR AT LEAST 10 MINUTES. Better yet, stay quiet till she starts a new conversation herself. Then you will for sure know you are safe.

2. “Hmm, You Are Looking Fat Today”


And I am serious. Just don’t. She won’t believe it even if you tell her she is the thinnest woman in the world. Just… let it be… breath. Even if she says her pants have gotten tight, just pretend that she needs a new one. Guys, honesty may not be the best policy after all. 🙂 🙂 🙂

3. Caution: “YOU NEED TO RELAX”


If you really want to die, then sure. Go ahead, Say ‘relax’ as much as you want to. Don’t ever tell a woman to relax!!!

4. “I Wish You Were Like Ali’s Wife”


Before even saying something like this, you might want to recite Surah Fateha for yourself or maybe the kalma.

5. “YOU Are Wrong. I AM Right”


Men, don’t ever forget to be chivalrous, even when you know it was her mistake. Or if she does accept her mistake, just sit quietly and enjoy the moment when she is not around. Do NOT rub it in her face.

6. “I Want To Choose Sara As My Partner For The Game”


Always choose your wife. Your wife is your priority. Your wife is your life. Your wife is your world. Are you crazy to choose another woman for a fun activity???

Guys, these are very simple and basic tips. Just read this article again and again and again till you know these tips from the top of your head. Trust me, you will live a happy, pleasant life. Hopefully a long one.

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