The 8 Things That Will ALWAYS Happen In A Desi Family Gathering!

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Family gatherings are extremely fun. You get to meet all your cousins, uncles and aunts and reignite all the old memories from your childhood. Family is an integral part of our lives. No matter how many fights and issues we may have with one another, at the end of the day, they are our blood and we need them.

In this love-hate relationship, each time we try to gather over Aftaari or Eid, there are a lot of things that happen while planning something.

1. The Struggle of Choosing The Day

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“Bacho k papers aane wale hai.” “Aaj tou mushkil hai” and similar statements make it so difficult for families to agree on one day on which we can all sit and enjoy some quality time.


2. Choosing What To Wear


Gatherings like these happen after a very long time. Given so, we always have to make sure we are looking better than our cousins (hehehehe). Everyone wishes to set a statement of their own. Also, you would never ever wear something which your cousin has as well.

3. Arriving Fashionably Late

The agreed-upon time would be 3 pm but mami jee has to make sure that she always makes a statement of her own by arriving late. Logic? Can’t really tell. But is just a trend they all like.

4. Watching The Little Ones Enjoy The Games

Passing onto the younger generations, it is always fascinating and nostalgic to see your younger cousins play ankh macholi, pakram pakrai and what not.

5. Gossips, Gossips, and Gossips

This is where the fun begins – meeting after such a long time, khalas especially have a lot to talk about and have a lot to gossip about. You’ll get to hear about every event of the year you missed.


6. Gathering Everyone On Dinner Table

Everyone sitting on the table and enjoying a nice meal under the same roof? PRICELESS!

Also, not to forget how everyone starts commenting on the food. Amazing feeling when the food is delicious and we are all enjoying it together.

7. Pictures and Selfies



First, the cousins take loads and loads of selfies. We obviously have to show it to the world that we are meeting and that too after ages. Then, there comes a time when the families gather and we have to take family pictures with the entire clan because ‘#aftaari’ is a must! Finally, the khalas, the siblings, and their children have to take their images to make sure they remember this meeting today.

8. When It Is Time To Leave

Love how our family people say, “Kuch bura laga hu tou mazraat” after spending hours of gossips. And not to forget, how each time some member tries to get up, the other one makes them stay for longer.

Family gatherings are amazing, witty and full of controversies. Regardless of it, we love meeting them!


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