8 Things Girls Do That Guys Absolutely Hate

1. Being Overly Jealous

You have to keep in mind that he is with you. There is a reason why he picked to spend time and build a relationship with you.


2. Being Overly Dependent

Every guy loves the fact that he can help out and make a woman happy. However, it is a complete turnoff if you don’t know how to handle some things by yourself. You should have separate hobbies, likes and dislikes. There should simply be several things that you don’t have to do as a couple.


3. Being Different in Front of His Friends

He may glorify you in front of his friends, but that doesn’t mean that you have to alter yourself to make his friends like you instantly. Chances are that you will embarrass him if you do this. Instead, you should be yourself.


4. Wearing Too Much Make-up

It is normal that you try to look perfect for him, but remember not to overdo it. Some imperfections might be the exact reason why he has fallen for you. He doesn’t want to go out with the person you want to look like. He wants to go out with you.


5. Being Too Emotional

Some women have the tendency to cry more frequently. However, that doesn’t mean you should get emotional about every other thing. He has to see that you are a strong person and that you can take care of yourself. Hold your tears, or wipe them yourself; it isn’t always his job to do this.


6. Gossiping all the time

This is something that you absolutely have to know – guys don’t even care a tiny bit about gossip stories. They can sometimes skip past what you are saying and act like they are intrigued, but they don’t want to hear gossip at all.


7. Taking Too Much Time

Every guy expects a woman to be late a couple of minutes. He understands that you need more time to get ready. However, if you take too much time to do so, you will drive even the most patient guy crazy


8. Always Wanting To Be The Center of Attention

You don’t always have to be the center of attention. He will feel much better about himself if you compliment him from time to time.


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