‘I’m Sorry Sir. I’m Very Poor’ – Thief Leaves Apology Letter After Stealing Car Tyres In Bani Gala

Thief Leaves Apology Letter Stealing Car Tyres

We are sure that if you live in Pakistan, you must have been mugged or robbed, if not many times but at least once. This one aspect of being in this country that people who live in other parts of the world hate the most. Pakistanis just shrug their shoulders and move on like nothing ever happened. But wait! Did we tell you even your car tyres are not safe here? A thief leaves an apology letter after stealing car tyres. LOL!

Here is a story about an unusual incident of theft that recently took place in Islamabad. A thief, rather a poor one, in Bani Gala, Islamabad after stealing the tyres of a citizen’s car and leaves an apology letter for his actions.

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“I am sorry sir,” read the note. “I am a very poor person and I am doing this because I am helpless. Sir, I have little kids. Please do not curse me for this.”

When there’s a will, there is a way!

Interestingly, the thief also seemed to be literate that he wrote the sorry note in English. Cool, no? But, not his act certainly in the name of poverty.

No one is not allowed to commit a crime if they are poor! This thief is wrongly putting all poor people in the category of criminals. We know people who are poor and yet they do their best to earn halal bread for their families. We are also aware that it is hard to find a good job or a means to earn these days. However, all we know is when there’s a will, there is a way!

So you still think, your life is tough? Then you have to meet 13-year-old Abdul Waris. This Karachi boy has been doing two jobs for six years at this tender age just to help his family with halal bread.

While speaking to Dialogue Pakistan, Waris shared that he has five siblings. In addition to this, when he was only 7, his father got handicapped. Since then, he has been working day and night. For the past 6 years, he has been working in a cloth market. He leaves for work at 11 in the morning and comes home at night around 9 pm.

Two and a half months back, he started selling his mother’s homemade food. In order to do so, after returning from his cloth market job, he leaves home again and sells homemade food items.

After selling the food items, Waris then finally returns home two hours after midnight, around 2am.

A video of 10-year-old Zahid selling samosas outside a local hospital in Karachi’s F.B. Area went viral a few months back. The boy received a lot of appreciation and love from people on social media for his hard work and for becoming a helping hand for his family. 

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