These Sexist Statements On Punjab Bar Council’s Official Diary Has Caused A Major Social Media Outburst!

The world where there are tons of women already fighting a social war of heavy misogyny, at their homes and every other place. The worst part about this case is that patriarchy is so deep-rooted in our system; we cannot seem to eradicate it! We are in a world where men are considered more superior (not in physical strength) but in the manner of power; authority, position, responsibility. When a man is a CEO and is straightforward and professional but is also a father/husband, he’s considered tough. But at the same time, if a woman is at a higher position having a family of her own; people suggest her to focus on her family, why? Are men given more brains than women? Is responsibility some specific skill that only men can perform well?

Now, imagine the same strict patriarchal behavior from your workplace! A place which is supposed to thrive on your confidence, your strength and especially you!

This lawyer shared a photo from his office diary by Punjab Bar Council; dated “6th October 2018” and this is what is read on its first line

Upon seeing this, another lawyer saw this diary and posted another sexist statement written on the official diary!

Another female law teacher shared the photo from the diary of the page from next year!

Well, Hassan who posted the photo first shared that after his tweet  Punjab Bar Council has taken notice!

“Zarurat sy ziada” is a term that anyone can exercise according to their needs!

“Qoum” doesn’t include women actually

Since people were doubtful of if this photo if this is even true or not another lawyer shared that it from the official diary sent through the mail by the Institute

Such behavior will never let any woman prosper, let alone creating a safe work environment for them. No wonder women lawyer have faced such blatant sexism in past and are still facing, women like Asma Jahangir and Khadija are examples of they never shook and always stood tall! Cheers to these women!

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