These reforms by Tech Pakistan for the IT Industry are Seriously Impressive

Pakistan is excelling in almost every industry out there. One of these industries is IT (Information Technology). Every company and every office (even people’s homes) need IT assistance. Most of our jobs (if not all) require the use of the Internet and where there is internet, there is a need for an IT department.

Sadly, our national policies don’t really give much room and focus on IT. Kanwal Masroor of Tech Pakistan, an online platform about technology, came up with his own revisions in IT policy and here they are:

1. Creating jobs and micro jobs in ICT/Technology sectors- generating entrepreneurs who can create more jobs.

2. Developing and building local opportunities in the technology.. Creating think tank, utilizing corporate sector and increasing of IT export.


3. Transforming major areas of the government sector on block chain.

4. Opening digital universities and providing more scholarships.

5. Becoming the number one country in freelancing

6. Creating globe gateway for the payments and open API’s, channelling payments into local banks.

7. Teaching robotics, app development, Artificial Intelligence from 4th to 8th grade.

8. Building innovation research and development and knowledge centers.

9. Massive level of working on emergent pakistan top build a positive image of icredible pakistan

10. Building a silicon valley in Karachi

Source: Forbes

11. Women digital literacy programs and creating 1 million home-based jobs.

12. Financial inclusion to promote Fin-Tech in Pakistan.

13. One minute/instant bank account opening for start ups, entreprenuers, and freelancers and creating a national starup policy to secure the investors,, easy company registration process by SECP.

14. Free Internet/Wifi, building IT parks and special economic zones, citizen protection mobile app with panic app and complaints.

15. Involving industry sector to collaborate with provincial IT boards.

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