These Quranic Ayahs Will Give You A Sense Of Purpose

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Feeling low? Do you ever feel like your life is without purpose and you need something to soothe your soul? Being a Muslim there is undoubtedly no better source of reassurance and comfort than the Holy Quran. Whenever my day’s gloomy and I feel downhearted, I read these Ayahs to achieve my resolve. I’ve saved them in my phone and take a glance at them whenever I’m low. I hope these help you too.

How beautiful is the fact that Allah Himself assures us that after darkness there always comes light? But it doesn’t end here. It’s upon us to wait to see this light and have faith in Allah even in the most difficult of times. Allah says, “Be patient over what befalls you”. Allah loves those who are patient and resilient in the face of trials and tribulations.


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1. Ever felt that you just can’t take it anymore?


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This Ayah is a depiction of how All-Knowing and Omniscient Allah is, and therefore puts us in trials and tests that we can sustain through.
Tribulations/difficulties are a part of life but that doesn’t make them easy. We still grieve — but how could we not? We are, after all, a very emotional creation. So how do we cope with adversity? There are many ayahs in the Holy Qur’an that talk about different coping mechanisms such as patience, faith, prayer, and acceptance.

But what I find the most profound and the most comforting, is what Allah says in this particular Ayah.
If you stand back and take a look at the whole picture, you will realize that what you have when faced with a tragedy, is a choice. Will you go through the stages of grief, denying Allah’s destiny and the wisdom of His plan for you? Or will you realize that what you are going through is something you know you can handle, because you are His creation! and ALLAH loves His creations.

2. Only Allah Is The Best Planner


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This Ayah is from Surah Anfal and was to assure the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H.) when the disbelievers plotted against him. If you have enemies who want to harm you and make plans to make life hard for you , do not get worried, for Allah has a plan for you and He is the Best Planner. Have faith, be patient and always remember you’re not one of them (your opponents) so it wouldn’t suit you to do the very actions to them, that makes you dislike them.

3. All You Need Is Allah


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Remembering Allah will give you the assurance, security, and love you need. The key to overcoming sadness is remembering Allah even if you simply lie down and think of His Glory and Mercy.
Allah claims that if you remember Him, He shall remember you. How beautifully comforting this Ayah is!

4. Trust Allah Only


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Put your trust in the Supreme and the Sovereign. Have faith in Allah. How amazing is the context of this Ayah! Allah – the Creator and King loves you if you believe and trust Him. Do not overanalyze things and become anxious , just turn to Him.

5. Change Yourself First


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This Ayah signifies how you’ll have to make the effort to bring a change in your life. If you want to remove something negative or you want your life to change for the better, you will have to change yourself.
So for changing ’what is within ourselves’ we first need to know what it is we are looking for when referring to the ’within ourselves’ or ’our souls’.
These are all subtle, invisible, abstract but real things, which are all known to us intuitively. Jealousy, hatred, greed, etc. are invisibly hidden in the souls, but the effects of those traits – if not stopped – are devastating. More often than not, people are caught in those devilish snares and have no hope of being freed from it, while they mistake their condition for their essential self, which of course it is not.

6. Allah Knows What Is In Your Heart


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Make sure that your intentions are pure and you think of the good of others at all times. I believe the best thing a person can be is a kind human. Be kind , even a small act of kindness can bring a massive change in someone’s life and your intention and act of kindness will be known to Allah for He knows what’s in your heart at all times. We belong to such a beautiful religion that even the simple act of smiling, earns us a reward.

7. Allah Likes Those Who Are Thankful


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Be thankful, you’ll find life much easier and you’ll be happy. All of us, in the end, seek happiness and the key to happiness is being content with what you have. Do not be greedy and think about what you don’t have. Stop comparing your life with someone else’s, for what is meant to be yours will reach you even if it’s between two mountains. Do not question your “Naseeb” (fate) and be grateful.

8. Aur Tum Apne Rabb Ki Kaun Kaun Si Naimaton Ko Jhutlaoge


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If you ever sit down and start counting the blessings of Allah, they are infinite. From two perfectly fine eyes to see with to the smallest bone in your ear that allows you to hear, have you ever acknowledged how blessed you are? Think of life with this perspective and the despair will be gone within seconds.

9. I Am With You!


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You are never alone. It’s as simple as that. Fear no one but Allah


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Lastly , always remember that death is inevitable and that all of us shall return to our Creator. So live a life you believe you won’t regret and you’ll be happy to present before Allah. This world and life are temporary and a mere test for the life hereafter.

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