These PTV Programs Are A Must Watch For Everyone

These PTV Programs Are A Must Watch For Everyone

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The old PTV days are still fresh in our minds. Those prolific writers and those meticulous actors under the dynamic directorship of the pioneers of showbiz in Pakistan made masses drool over their performances. So I decided to hightail it to old PTV. Here we go:

Tauseeq Haider’s Morning Show


Source: Pakistani Drama Reviews, Ratings & Entertainment News Portal

The millennials were definitely aware of him. The recollection of a sober man in the old PTV days interviewing the guests very informally (well that seemed even formal to me, though) is still fresh in my mind’s eye.



Source: The Library PK

A Baba G(Ashfaq Ahmad) sitting with some youngsters and teaching them lessons of life appeared monotonous and difficult to discern at that time but became very easy and thoughtful in the days to come.



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The adbi mehfil-esque program aimed at acclaiming many a diamond of our showbiz industry; gave us plenty of great songs, Challak jana bhi ata hai by Farihapervaiz being one of them.

Khuda Ki Basti


Source: The Library PK

A serialized old novel by Shaukat Siddiqui bearing Behroz Sabwari and Zaheen Tahira, the sublime actors. Later, once on ZA Bhutto’s desire, it was re-telecasted and that’s enough to know about its repute.

Musharraf’s Speeches


Source: Pak Tea House

The then president, Mr. Musharraf used to address the nation frequently and it seemed to me like PTV was only for his speeches. Those fortress speeches warning the enemies of the instant combats kept on filling me with Pakistaniyat. Mai darta warta kisi se nahin!



Source: Pakistani TV Dramas

The Ashir Azeem’s hit in which miniatured-Nabeel looked very cute. The last episode broke us into tears with the classic “kisay da yaar navi chhrray” as the entire nation got engrossed into it, following its end.

Uncle Sargam


Source: Raihan Malik

Prodigious, Farooq Qaisar was our puppetry pioneer, with his Kaliyan (originally aired in ‘76). This uncle, being many of the tele-uncles of those days with his character Maasi Maseebtay, won popular acclaim among all age groups. He is one of those who, with their talent, made our childhood days.

Janjaal Pura


Source: Dramas

The Janjaal Pura, in the more real sense of the word, was very messy; aired on PTV in which Mehmood Aslam and Savera Nadeem were cast. People talking baloney entertained us and so did the name.

Dildar Bhatti



This man hailing from Gujranwala – professor, writer, broadcaster, host, columnist, poet, etc often complained about his complexion, was adept at English, Urdu, and Punjabi. His ‘Takra’ was as awesome as he was a brainbox. His death occurred during the fundraising for SKMH in the USA.



Source: The Perfect Islamic Books Library


This serial, written by Amjad Islam Amjad, with its story, took the entire nation by storm. The prodigies Firdous Jamal and Abid Ali did this serial justice with their acting.

Nazia Hassan Era



This girl with her brother Zohaib broke the shackles of music-monotony and introduced something novel here in Pakistan. The “dil ki lagi kucch aur bhi” was amazing even in the voice of Huma Khawaja.

Mann Chalay ka Sauda


Source: Vidpk

This drama serial with its very onerous, indigestible content (that obviously could only have been written by Ashfaq Ahmad) starring Khayyam Sarhadi, who used to be very loud and shouty in most of his dramas, became sort of mad (and meek too) in his search for truth and spirituality with a mentor who in guise of a cobbler, beggar, shepherd etc. unveiled realities of life for him. This drama also had bits for quantum lovers.

Tariq Aziz show/Neelaamghar/ Bazme Tariq Aziz


Source: Pakistan Defence

This program with our intellectual, Tariq Aziz, who had the ability to talk on any topic, was there to help us with out-of-class General Knowledge. In it, people played their lives to get a car, unlike today’s reality TV shows.


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